Types of Floor Mats


Floor mats, coverings, and rugs come in varied depending on their use and functionality. Making the best choice when selecting the products increases safety, enhances productivity and minimizes maintenance costs.

The first type of commercial rugs known as anti-fatigue floor mats. These are the mats designed to ease the stress on one’s backs and legs. They are efficient for jobs that call for too much sitting or standing like cashiers, hosts, and hostesses. They come in a variety of size, color, shape, and finishing matching the customer’s taste, preference and decor. While some are for individual use, other mats can be bought by the linear foot and cut at the required length hence they are a perfect choice for long assembly organizations.

The wet area floor mats are efficient for areas that come in frequent contact with water like the kitchen area or section, the bar, the dish room among others. The wet area floor mats create safety for employees and individuals who work in slippery areas by minimizing chances of accidents taking place in the course of performing their duties and responsibilities. The wet is floor mats should possess features like high water resistance and have drainage holes which enables them to dry faster and for longer durability despite the frequent contact with water.

The carpet and entrance floor mats create the first impression of the business entity among the customers, visitors and other stakeholders. The choice of these mats is critical as are meant to create the best impression and the meet the standards of both the customers and the management.

The customized mats give the chance to create own custom carpets and mats in varied sizes, shapes, and colors. The company only makes orders together with their logos, mascot or insignia to help the manufacturers make the requested brand. These customized mats, rugs, and carpets are made of beveled edges and ant-slip backs which enable them to stay in place even when in contact with equipment like the wheelchair.

Another type of mats is the industrial and specialty floor mats. These mats offer varied applications far from just the kitchen and the hospitality reasons. They also come in a variety of size, shapes, and colors to meet the customers’ needs and the company’s taste and preference. If you want to learn more about floor mats, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWmAVEtyB80.

The choice of floor mats at www.eaglemat.com, rugs and carpets have great impacts on a company’s productivity, corporate image, and market size among others. Making the best choice is a critical aspect in the determining the success and survival in the competitive business world.


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